IMPACT 6 show & delegates

Francesc, the best assistant ever

Lovely vynils by Sergio Laks: Stephen Hoskins staff helped a lot installing them

Prof. Justin Diggle, really nice guy

April Vollmer & Miriam Zegrer, old and new friends..

Prof Eduard Bernstein, a great guy, troppo simpatico..

John Jones, a linocutter just like me

Prof. Caroline Kierulf

Eva Pietzcker, Berliner woodcutter

Loit Jõekalda
, Association of Estonian Printmakers

Prof Marleen MacCallum & Prof David Morrish
, wonderful people & professionals

Jill & Wanda, too little time together!

Tortie Rye is way taller than that ;-)

Jesse Heckstall-Smith & Richard Anderton have done a great job!

Dariusz Kaca, Polish woodcutter

Dusty Herbig and the stone litho demonstration I just loved!

Wuon Gean Ho at Open Portfolios

Melanie Yazzie, Fernando Feijoo, Rosa Tarruella at Rosa's presentation

John S. Hancock, great artist and lovely guy: thank you for the linocut!